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What to visit in Murcia

Know Murcia history and unique landscape

Discover Murcia History trough the ruins

Phoenician, Greek and Carthaginian had intense presence in Murcia region until the Romans conquest Carthago Nova in 209 BC and become an important economic and political center in the Mediterranean. You can visit Cartagena important ruins of this roman period.

As a consequence of the disintegration of the Roman Empire a long period of Arab domination began in 713 AD. There was a log period of economic prosperity in the region. Murcia region has a big number of ancient building in Arab style. We recommend that you visit Lorca and Caravaca de la Cruz and their ruins of this middle age period.

We recommend that you read a little bit about Murcia history before visiting this region. The history of a country may you understand their people and their culture.

 Use this link for other activities and tourism visits in Murcia region.


Cartagena and its Roman heritage

Visiting Caratgena is a history tour of the ancient periods in the Mediterranean culture. We recommend you this official tourism web page of Murcia region to get more information about Cartagena historical visit.

Yo can not miss to visit the Roman theatre in Cartagena


Murcia City

Murcia is a modern city with Mediterranean culture.
It is a good place for shopping , in their traditional markets, pedestrian streets with specialized shops and their modern shopping centers. Shoes manufacturers is an strong industry in this area, you can buy excellent quality shoes at very good price.

Murcia is also a city for walking around the river Segura, and enjoy the terraces and restaurants in the squares around the cathedral, the city hall, the Romea theater and not forgetting the square of flowers.

When you vist Murcia do not miss the opportunity to drink natural orange juice in a terrace in Plaza de las Flores or eat in the restaurant "Rincon de Pepe" or "Casino de Murcia", we strongly recommend it.



Murcia City
Teatro Romea
Casino de Murcia
Archena Spa
Archena Spa

Valle de Ricote & Archena Spa

Valle de Ricote is an unique landscape in Europe with palm-tree and orange-trees over a semi-arid mountains. When you visit this valley you have the filling to be in north  Africa. There are several walking routes in this are to discover the beauty of this unique place.

Get relaxed in Archena Spa. The spa enjoys an exceptional location surrounded by nature next to Segura river. The waters are used for both preventive and curative purposes, with a wide range of thermal treatments. This is a true paradise for water, leisure and relaxation. Even if you use the thermal treatments we recommend you to visit it. There are many restaurants and terraces where you can have a drink or eat while enjoying this exceptional place. Open area thermal pools are open to public.

We recommend you this official tourism web page of Murcia region to get more information about Valle de Ricote and Archena Spa.

Lorca & Caravaca de la Cruz

Caravaca de la Cruz, Holy Town. In 1998 the Pope awarded Caravaca de la Cruz the Jubilee Year

Lorca has an urban centre was declared -a Town of Historical and Artistic Interest- in 1964

 We recommend you to visit the official tourism web page in Murcia Region before visiting Lorca and Caravaca de la Cruz. 

Do not miss the opportunity to try Murcia gastronomy in this cities. 



Caravaca de la Cruz
Lorca castle

Some of the best wild beaches in Spain

Holiday golf resorts, in Murcia. Exclusives.

Mediterranean food, paella, vegetables, fruits

Snorkel, windsurf, sailing in the Mediterranean sea