Sea Sports









Sea Sports

Snorkel, windsurf, sailing in the Mediterranean sea

Snorkle & Diving in Cabo de Palos

The Murcia coast is one of the best in Spain to practice snorkle and diving.

Cabo de Palos is a coast are with calm and crystalline water perfect for practicing snorkle. In front of Cabo the Palos there is a protected area called "Islas hormigas" for practicing diving. There are diving schools we recommend Scuba Diving.

Sailing & windsurf in Mar Menor

Mer menor is 20 minutes far from La Torre. This is the unique small sea in the Mediterranean sea.  This is a perfect place to practice sailing and windsurf, there are several sailing clubs ans schools in Mar menor  for practice water sports. Mar menor is unique because of the calm and warm water

There you can rent boats or take classes. We recommend Los Narejos and Los Alcazares which is close to La Torre .




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Rental Apartment

La Torre Golf Resort C/Mero, Roldan, Murcia , Spain

La Torre Plot

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