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La Torre Golf Course

La Torre Golf  is a 18 holes course that is part of the Jack Nickalus trail in Murcia Region. Murcia region is  perfect holiday golf destination  for its excellent climate and  its excellent offer of golf courses.  

Winter season in Murcia  with nice temperatures and sunny weather  from September to June is very attractive for many golf players coming from northern European countries. 


La Torre golf Course. Perfect holiday golf destination
La Torre golf Course. Perfect holiday golf destination

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You can find more detail information and reserve your golf course in the following links:

La Torre golf Course 

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Golf course in Murcia Region, Spain


Jack Nicklaus Trial

You can play in other 5 golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus near-by La Torre. For more information on Jack Nicklaus trial, you can visit the following link:

Jack Nicklaus course trial

In the previous link you can obtain all the information you need to play golf in La Torre Golf course, and in other golf courses in Murcia Region. The perfect holiday golf destination.

La Torre, your holiday golf destination

La Torre Golf Resort

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La Torre Golf Resort C/Mero, Roldan, Murcia , Spain

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An exclusive holiday golf resort in Spain coast

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