La Torre Golf Resort Murcia

The meeting & entertainment point in La Torre Golf

La Torre is one of the six courses of Jack Nicklaus trail in Murcia

Visit the restaurant, terraces and bars in La Torre

Supermarket, shops, banks, bike rental and other services

La Torre Golf Resort Murcia

Holiday golf complex located in Spanish Mediterranean coast

Holiday resort

La Torre Golf resort murcia is a holiday golf destination with all the services needed for your stay. It is located in the southwest Spanish Mediterranean coast, in Murcia region, next to Alicante.

The climate is excellent in that region, summer is extended over 300 days per year. This holiday resort is deal to play golf, enjoy the pools, take a sunbath or enjoy have something to eat or to drink in an open terrace.

Holiday golf club

The apartment is 200 meters far from the social club of la Torre Golf resort Murcia

At the social club area, you can find everything you may need during your holidays. This holiday resort has alsorestaurants, cafes, banks, hair dress, supermarket and a commercial area. 

In the holiday golf club you can get informed and contract services as cleaning, babyseater, etc.


The community

There is a permanent English speaking community in La Torre golf resort Murcia. They are very active in organizing activities and events 

The owners association in this holiday resort is continuously surveying that the installations in the resort are clean and in perfect conditions as well as that of the service are working properly. The installations are being improved.

The community are making possible La Torre goliday golf resort Murcia to be one of the best holiday resorts in Spain


La Torre is a golf holiday resort located in Murcia, Spain, close to Alicante.

Services & activities

Enjoy the freshness of the lush, green golf course next to your accommodation. You can access to other 5 Polaris golf resort in the area near-by, play golf, try their restaurants and use their services.

La Torre Golf Resort has several sports fields, tennis, golf practice, gym, playgrounds and numerous parks, promenades and plazas. La Torre is not only a group of apartments arond a golf course its a really holiday resort.